Wikidata for Education Curriculum Digitization Advisor

Job Title: Wikidata for Education Curriculum Digitization Advisor

Type of role: Part time consultant

Length of contract: ASAP-Dec 2022

Location: Accra, Ghana/ Remote

How to Apply:


Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET) is looking for a Curriculum Advisor to join our team, reporting to the Director for Strategy & Innovation.  As the Curriculum Advisor, you will be responsible for ensuring that the curriculum digitization work supports the needs of education stakeholders including teachers, administrators, policy makers, and researchers. In this role, you will work closely with a Wikimedian in Residence and Technical Advisor to extract structured data from curriculum documents and include it in Wikidata, the world’s largest free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. 

This is an exciting opportunity for someone passionate about education, technology and innovation who has a deep understanding of Ghana’s national curriculum and wants to contribute to ensuring that students have access to free, quality, open educational resources aligned with the national curriculum. 

You are responsible for:

  • Conducting research and collaborating with educators, subject experts, policymakers, and other professionals to ensure the data model in Wikidata is complete, accurate, and meets the needs of the education system and its actors (policy makers, curriculum developers, administrators, teachers, etc)
  • Collaborating consistently with the Wikimedian in Residence to establish and test a working data model that extracts curriculum data from Ghana’s national curriculum documents and adds it to Wikidata
  • Establishing feasible timeframes to achieve the goals and objectives
  • Supporting a teacher training event that enables the use of the data model for resource curation and lesson planning 
  • Collecting feedback and input from education actors throughout the project 

Skills and Experience:

  • Masters degree in Instructional design, Educational Technology or relevant field
  • Work experience as a Curriculum Designer, Instructional Designer or similar role
  • Extensive experience working with the Ghana National Curriculum 

Qualities that are important to us

  • The ability to work collaboratively with individuals and groups across cultures and timezones 
  • Comfortable presenting to large groups 

Additionally, we’d love it if you have:

  • An established network of curriculum designers, educators, and other professionals
  • Experience developing teacher training modules
  • Experience using and contributing to Wikimedia projects 
  • Experience interacting with Wikimedia’s community of volunteers

More about the Wikidata for education Project

In 2020, the absence of curriculum documentation in digitally usable formats prevented education systems from being able to quickly and efficiently respond to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on face-to-face learning.

The Wikimedia Foundation, within the scope of the concept note developed by UNESCO under the Global Education Coalition, is seeking to launch a proof of concept and pilot project as part of broader efforts to align national curricula to content on Wikimedia projects.

The project proposes to establish a data model within Wikidata and Wikibase to enable the easy aligning of national curricula to Wikimedia projects; and make the information more discoverable for learners and educators. This data model will also:

  1. Make data about curricula readily available and machine-readable so that developers can create innovative solutions to education challenges.
  2. Create an education portal with curated content from Wikimedia projects and other open education resources that is aligned with school curricula.
  3. Give education stakeholders the ability to do a comparative analysis of curricula on a global scale.
  4. Support the Wikimedia volunteer editing community to improve content related to school curricula.
  5. Support countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to provide quality teaching and learning materials to all students and comply with UNESCO’s OER Recommendation.
  6. Improve the capacity of the education system to provide contextualized learning opportunities. 
  7. Close knowledge gaps on Wiki projects through strategic alignment of content on Wikimedia projects with the localization needs of school systems. 

How to Apply: 

Send an application, accompanied by your CV to the email below using the Job Title as subject.

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