Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential: The GESAwards Bootcamp

The Global EdTEch Startups Awards (GESAwards) is the world’s largest EdTech startup competition. Each year, thousands of EdTech startups from across the globe apply to GESAwards in order to be given a global platform to showcase their products and services, connect with industry players, win for themselves industry opportunities as well as being crowned The Most Promising Startup of the Year.

Every year, there are semifinals in all continents around the world organized by the local partner. The winners of those semifinals participate for a spot at the final global event. This year, the final event is scheduled to take place in the UK on the 30th of March. However,  there would be a 2 day Global Edtech Startup Bootcamp prior to the GesAwards London finals. This is exclusively for the finalists, and provides them with practical tools and specific opportunities to expand their businesses. 

The bootcamp also brings together about 40 handpicked startups from around the world in different stages and from various verticals of edtech as well as GESAwards global partners. This provides a unique opportunity to network, share experiences, challenges, and opportunities across the global EdTech industry. There would be presentations by industry leaders, workshops and discussions, with an emphasis on hands-on experiences, which would equip the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to grow their businesses. 

The bootcamp also gives startups an edge over their competitors. Participants will be abreast with the latest industry trends, best practices for scaling their businesses and how to overcome common strategies. They would also get the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, potentially leading to valuable partnerships and collaborations. 

Being a part of the bootcamp is not only an opportunity for growth and learning, but also a crucial stepping stone towards the goal of winning the title as the Most Promising Startup of the Year and gaining international recognition in the education technology world. 

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