Implementation of the Common Core Program in the curriculum

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  1. Most educators are excited about the Common Core Programme

The new Common Core Programme (CCP) Curriculum for Junior High School (Basic 7 to Basic 9) and Senior High School (Basic 10) is the second phase of the pre-tertiary curriculum review which started in 2017, with the KG and Primary years programme currently being implemented by the Ghana Education Service since 2019. The curriculum has been designed to build character and nurture values amongst students. This week, we sought to inquire of the general reaction educators, especially teachers have towards the new curriculum. 59% of our users indicated that they were excited about the new curriculum while 14% indicated that otherwise. The new curriculum is a paradigm shift from the theoretical and inanimate form of teaching and learning to a more practical and animated one. Education is dynamic and it is important that as educators, we remain adaptable and prepared to make the best out of the new curriculum for our major stakeholders, students.

  1. More training sessions should be held for teachers in respect of implementing the curriculum

All great things take time and a lot of human effort. That being said, to be able to get the maximum benefit from the new curriculum, teachers need to be provided with the needed training to aid them to implement it at their various levels of teaching. In as much as there have been training sessions for some teachers, more and more teachers are still in dire need of the training session. Our interactions with Teacher Tappers on the subject matter indicated there are still more teachers who ought to be trained to effectively carry out their duties under the curriculum. Capitalising on the fact that more teachers are excited about the CCP curriculum, it will be imperative for the District Education Offices and other mandated institutions to run the training sessions for teachers.

  1. Resources/Materials necessary for implementing the curriculum should be made readily available to teachers

One major factor that will ensure the success of the curriculum is the availability of resources/study materials necessary for the smooth running of the Common Core Programme. The new curriculum will require new study materials that will aid in its implementation. This week, we asked our users if they had received the necessary materials for necessary for teaching and learning under the new curriculum. 90% indicated that they had not received the resources/ study materials and this will present a major challenge if not addressed. Institutions and offices responsible for distributing such resources should do well provide these resources to teachers so that students’ needs under the curriculum will be well attended to.

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  • I think we should take the survey again on how excited teachers really are about the Common Core Programme especially the phase implementation for Junior High Schools.


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