How has covid-19 affected extra-curricula activities in your school?

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  1. Club meetings and other extra-curricular activities can be made available to students

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major headline for over 10 months now. Several efforts and adjustments have been made towards ensuring that a “near- normalcy” condition is achieved, during these post-pandemic times. As part of such adjustments, Ghana has allowed schools to resume operations after school was put on hold for the past nine months. School activities primarily involve teaching and learning. However, secondary activities such as extra-curricular activities form a vital part of school work. In the wake of this pandemic, we sought to find out, this week, which extra-curricular activities should be made available to students. 47% of our respondents opined that club meetings could still be held in schools. Others were also of the view that sporting activities and religious meetings could be made available to the students as well. With strict adherence to all COVID-19 laid down protocols, schools may be in a position to run some extra-curricular activities for the time being.

  1. Extra-curricular activities may take some getting used to

In as much as some extra-curricular activities may resume in some schools, it is common knowledge that they will be affected in one way or the other due to the COVID-19 protocols put in place, especially Social Distancing. This week, we sought to find out how exactly these activities will be affected. In order of frequency, we realized that extra-curricular activities will become less interactive, less entertaining, and dysfunctional. Our statistics show that only a minority still maintains that extra-curricular activities may not be affected at all.

  1. Most schools do not have the logistics for virtual extra-curricular activities

Virtual extra-curricular activities basically refer to activities that students can engage in via a digital space. It has become imperative in this era that alternatives to in-person/traditional activities are generated. That is being said, virtual extra-curricular activities such as online clubs, vlogs, podcasts, skill hubs, etc. are gradually becoming a household name. This week, we sought to find out if schools could help provide such logistics for students. 79% of our users responded in the negative when this question was asked. It goes to show much effort and resources are needed to make our educational system more digitalized. In these “new normal” times and at the incredible pace of technology, it is only fair that we prepare ourselves and schools to embrace such a change.

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