Hidden Truth About Teaching

Wondering who spends most time with students apart from their parents? What of who knows quite a lot of information about the students aside their parents? Yes, the answer is right in front of us, the teacher. Teachers spend most of their time and days with students than their parents especially in their early days. Teachers get to know a lot about their students through their interaction with them and observation. To make your work easier for you as a teacher either when using the traditional mode of learning or e-learning, there are 2 things you must take notice of with your knowledge of your student. We at GSET think that, once these two things are put in place, you will have an upper hand on your students and teaching.

First and foremost, as a teacher, you should develop good inter-personal relationship with the parents of your students. As much as it might surprise you, parents do contribute a lot to your success in the classroom. They know how their wards react to certain inputs and will be the best people to give you such information since students can be very tricky and put up camouflage behaviour in school to misdirect your thinking and observation. This little information from parents can help you give a magnanimous and valid input in class. Furthermore, once the parents know you care about the well-being of their wards and would go to whatever extent of shaping their lives in a positive manner, they would give necessary information to facilitate your work. In the online setting, they could brief you on challenges their kids might be facing with regards to the using of electronic devices which would shape your approach in teaching.

Again, be approachable to your students. Give them the chance to get close to you so they can voice out their concerns to you so you know what to do about their issues. Children tend to get emotionally attached to people who hear them out at their smallest plight. You have to be that friend that they really need because some might be facing several issues at home and might coil in during school sessions which will have a negative effect on their output. It is not bad to even play with them sometimes but as a teacher, you should know your boundaries so as not to engage them too much and breed disrespect. Also being a friend that will take their issues at heart and appreciate their little efforts will help them and you the most. In an online setting, you are not exempted from carrying out same treatment to your students too.

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