GSET celebrates teachers on World Teachers’ Day

The Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET) has commended all teachers and wished them all the very best in this year’s World Teachers’ Day celebration.

October 5 every year has been set aside to celebrate the teaching profession and acknowledge the achievements of teachers all over the globe.

GSET, in a statement addressed to all teachers to commemorate the day, said that technology and innovation are going to play a huge part in the education sector in a few years to come.

Read the statement below:

“The world wakes up today, October 5, 2019, to the dawn of another global celebration of the tireless efforts, contributions, sacrifices and innovative works of teachers across the world in shaping the lives of people and making our world a better learning space to live in.

We at the Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET) say Ayekoo to all teachers on the occasion of this year’s World Teachers’ Day and we wish you all the very best of this year’s celebrations, as well as a brighter and better future for all of us.

This year’s global theme, “Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession” also plays perfectly into the underlying vision of the GSET to transform education through the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and social innovations in every area of our education and training for especially teachers.

The future of education cannot be projected without the evidence and unmistakable place of technology or innovation in it, using STEM-based techniques and that is why GSET makes it a priority to fill in the gap that seems to be present in the sector today, focused on getting the future of education more established than ever before.

GSET is a Ghanaian education organization that works with the Ghanaian education community with the aim of accelerating the use of technology to solve tough problems and inspire innovation. Young teachers, therefore, form a pivotal aspect of this instrumental part of our work and that is why there is the need to maximize their exuberance in enhancing the potentials that technology holds in transforming teaching and learning.

It is also without saying that the role of technology in the classrooms and for students is as critical as learning itself is. Technology helps in the creation of new and innovative practical syllabus, learning materials, and products and services that make the future of the world of education a less cumbersome one. 

Without technology and innovation in education, students miss out on such things as flipped classrooms which principally ensure that students get to acquire knowledge through new and more exciting learning models.  

Technology-use in classrooms also helps in improving the security of students and even with the performance of such tasks of teachers that include reporting and teacher training programs.  

As the world marks this momentous day for all hardworking teachers, GSET reinforces its bold vision for education transformation through the GSET Standards – a framework for students, educators, administrators, coaches, and computer science educators to rethink education and create more innovative learning environments for themselves and their students.

We are positive of making great impacts through our interventions in this sector, building strongly on the positive aspects of the use of technology, and that is why it is our joy to invite you to join our ever-growing, dynamic family.

We are celebrating teachers and we hope that this celebration lasts longer than today. You can get to be part of this desire by simply getting on-board our platform. But even better, for all new members joining us in the month of October, a 1/3 discount on our annual fees for membership awaits you.

Once again, GSET wishes all life-changing teachers in the world, a Happy World Teachers Day. Let us transform education with the future in mind: technology.

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