GSET and De Youngster’s School Hold Programming For Children In Adenta

Learning to code is akin to learning a new language, the only difference being that one learns to communicate with technology. It’s easier learning a new language when you are young and this applies to coding as well. When children are taught coding early, it expands their creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

It is with this mindset that the Ghana Society for Education Technology held a 2 week programming bootcamp at the De Youngsterss School in Adenta. The bootcamp, which was held during the school’s vacation period involved students from Adenta and its environs. The students were taken through the basics of Scratch and Python.

GSET has held three sets of programming classes at the De Youngsters School since last year, inculcating programming skills into the lives of about 100 students so far. Aside that, GSET also held a two week virtual programming class for students in and out of the senior secondary and tertiary institutions.

Speaking to Miriam Ocloo-the STEM lead at the Ghana Society for Education Technology and the facilitator of the bootcamp-she explained that the children were wonderful. She explained that in the beginning, it was challenging to connect with the children since they were closed up but once they got comfortable around her, they had an amazing time together. By the end of their time together, most of the children were at their best.

She went on to encourage the students to keep practicing and learning since they now have the foundation set. Parents were not left out as she urged them to at least have a little knowledge about programming so they could assist their wards in their assignment and help to provide the right resources for them to learn comfortably.

The Ghana Society for Education Technology is a Ghanaian Education Technology non-profit membership organization dedicated to transforming education using technology. GSET believes in a world where everyone can confidently use technology for imparting knowledge and enhancing education delivery. To support this vision, we partner with organizations and institutions such as the Ministry of Education and its agencies to design and deliver digital technology programs to meet the needs of school leaders, teachers and students in Ghana.

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