Ghana Society For Education Technology In Partnership With Instill Rolls Out CPD Learning Pathway For Teachers

Continuous lifelong learning is essential in today’s world to ensure that workers have the knowledge and skills to remain relevant in the global economy. Hence, educators need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare students for the global economy. 

In order to provide the best learning experiences and support for students, it is necessary for educators to advance their professional development. With the ever-changing trends in curriculum, standards and policies in education, educators cannot help but prioritize their professional development to better serve the students’ needs and that of the country’s. 

The Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET) in partnership with Instill Education (IE), is rolling out FREE CPD courses and learning pathways for teachers. The first of these CPD pathways is dubbed “Fostering a Positive & Meaningful Classroom Culture”.

Teachers play a pivotal role in the growth of children. In this regard, a well-informed teacher is most likely the best gift any parent can give to their children. The best teachers increase the performance of their learners by 45%. Teaching as a profession suggests that professional teachers must endeavor to increase their knowledge and practice to be better positioned to address the needs of learners and competently implement a school’s curriculum. 

This pathway is made up of five (5) bit-sized modules with about 1-hour learning time for each. These modules are:

  1. Readying Ourselves for A Positive Classroom Culture

In this course, teachers would learn how to create a positive learning environment for students by planning on how to approach all aspects of the learner’s life as well as the attitudes and mindsets being used to teach.

  1. Setting Clear Expectations with Learners

Expectations and routines are entrance behaviors of learners that must be taken into account for a successful learning experience. It is important for teachers to exhibit, and demonstrate a good knowledge of expectations and how this can affect instruction. In this module, you will be taken through how to set clear expectations with your learners to achieve a meaningful learning experience in the classroom.

  1. Building Classroom Routines for Learning

Teachers will learn how to establish efficient routines in the classroom that maximize learner engagement and learning time by using 4 steps.

  1. Reinforcing Learner Expectations

In this module, you will learn how to manage the expectations of your learners. This 

module will enlighten you on the importance of reinforcing learner expectations and how this can affect instruction in the classroom.

  1. Responding to Learners Who Do Not Meet Expectations

Setting expectations with learners is essential to ensure that learners are aligned with lesson objectives of a lesson or activity. What happens if students do not meet expectations? How does a professional teacher handle such a common classroom situation?

Teachers will be able to redirect learners to follow the expectations set for a lesson while maintaining a meaningful learning environment.

To apply for these pathways, follow this link

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