Ever wondered how to be an effective teacher? Read this!

Everyone wants to be effective everywhere they go. From being in a profession to little things they indulge in just so to make impacts in the minimum bits possible. Most teachers strive to be the best in their profession and to carefully have a positive impact on whoever goes through their training.

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As most teachers know their way around the profession others still look for ways and means to understand basic principles guiding them. Teaching comes with a different feeling as one knows that he /she is contributing to the intellectual growth of others who will end up being leaders in the country. Most people try to ascribe certain rules to how a teacher can be able to reach their target.

The key thing to reach out for is first and foremost goals. Every worker always has a vision and a target set ahead to reach within a period either short term or long term. These goals are set and written out with simplicity, brief and preciseness. They help you keep focus on where you are going and that will help you as a teacher. As a teacher, you must set standards for yourself which you will follow to bring out the best in your students. Being an effective teacher comes with you impacting your students not only academically but outside the curriculum to make them far better individuals and it all must appear in your goals and targets set. You do not get there by just envisioning it but by working hard towards it. And it must be carefully laid out for effective working out of it.

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Again, an effective teacher is a well organized one. Organization is very crucial where it entails a lot when it comes to teaching. It boils down to your dressing where you are organized on how you dress and what you wear so not to have negative effects on your students as they might read meanings into your dressing. So must you not wear uncomfortable clothing that will prevent you from delivering your utmost best. Furthermore, teaching materials including lesson notes and practical materials should be designed in a way that you know what is next to use as a teacher.

This is an extract from Teacher Meet Up organized by Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET) on the 3rd of September, 2020. Ghana society for education technology is an education membership organization as well as an accredited continuous professional development provider in Ghana. GSET is the premier professional educational technology associate in Africa. We work with the Ghanaian education community with the aim of accelerating the use of technology to solve tough problems and inspire innovation in education.

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