Local EdTech Startups Pitch at Adenta Startup Pitch Summit for Mobile App Developers

131 Sunflower Hub, an entrepreneurial impact hub based in the Adentan Municipality in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab with support from World Bank, Young Africa Works, Mastercard Foundation and Ministry of Communication held its Startup Summit under the theme “The Role of Mobile Application in Transforming the Local economy for Job Creation and Economic Development in Adenta.”. 

The illustrious event was organised at the 131 Sunflower Hub, Lakeside Estates, Ashaley Botwe. Mr Dennis Okoe Coleman, the Hub Manager of 131 Sunflower Hub, addressing the meeting, said the program was aimed at promoting and celebrating the startup culture within the local ecosystem and also to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth. 

131 Sunflower Hub produced 7 young people who have completed the mobile app development training initiated by the Ghana Tech Lab(GTL). These individuals, together with their counterparts from 13 other hubs nationwide, underwent mobile application development training with the Flutter program to enable them to use their skills to solve real life problems.

The six-week practical training, funded by MasterCard Foundation allowed the beneficiaries to explore opportunities in the technology space as well as the urge to start up their own businesses in reducing the unemployment situation in the country. 

The ending of this training process was crowned with the Startup Pitch Summit, on the 14th of January, 2022, where the trainees were divided into groups and asked to pitch on their ideas for a mobile application. The summit was spearheaded by Ethel Ashong-Nuga, project lead of the Base Program, who oversaw and ensured compliance to all training protocols. 

Mr Joshua Awuitor, the Media and Tech Lead, at 131 Sunflower Hub told Kingdom FM during the event that information technology had become a crucial part of human life and it was necessary for businesses to meet customers’ demands. 

Ever since the impact of COVID 19, businesses in Ghana have seen a spike in the number of businesses requiring online presence to survive. The mobile apps being developed are here to serve as a means to an end for these businesses to expand their market reach and attain new heights.

The Startup Summit ushers trainees into a new stage in their entrepreneurial journey as they are offered both internship opportunities and incubation support to provide them with both the employment and growth opportunities needed to grow as developers. 

Ghana Tech Lab (GTL), a collaborative tech and innovation-driven organization established under the Ministry of Communications’ e-Transform project with funding from the World Bank and a product of the Pathways to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) project, commenced an intensive 6-month training in Digital Media. This initiative to offer free training in collaboration with fifteen (15) tech hubs across the nation was born from how the organization basks on making positive changes and creating employment opportunities for the youth in the country regardless of their educational qualifications. The Digital Skills Training program will cover six (6) digital media courses: Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Sound Design, Digital Marketing, and Creative Writing and Blogging.

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